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Process prediction comes to bupaR

The bupaR-development team is thrilled to share the newest member on the bupaverse: processpredictR. processpredictR The goal of processpredictR is to perform prediction tasks on processes using event logs and Transformer models. The 5 process monitoring tasks are defined as follows: Based on the work of Vaswani, A. et all (2017) and A. Bukhsh, Z.…
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Welcome to the bupaverse!

We are happy to share with you a new release of bupaR, edeaR, processmapR and processcheckR, as well as two new packages: psmineR and bupaverse! bupaverse As the bupaR-ecosystem keeps growing, installing and loading the required packages, as well as handling name conflicts can be cumbersome. While the bupaR package carried some of the burden…
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bupaR 0.5.0: What’s new?

We are happy to share with you a new release of bupaR, edeaR and processmapR. Next to many bugfixes and performance improvements, this release contains 3 major functional updates. Introduction of the activitylog object class, allowing for more concise datasets and improved performance during analysis. A new framework for adding calculated variables to your log.…
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