Masterclass FAQ

Masterclass FAQ

Do I need to have prior programming knowledge?

No. While experience with programming, be it R or another programming language, can be helpful during the bupaR Masterclass, no specific previous programming knowledge is required. Furthermore, we always aim to align the Masterclass as much as possible to the different backgrounds of the participants. After enrollment, we will always be in contact with you to check on your previous experience and share optional material that can help you prepare for the masterclass, if needed.

Do I need to have prior knowledge about business process management and analysis?

No. While the bupaR Masterclass is eminently hands-on, we will start off by outlining process-oriented thinking. You will get familiar with the occurrences of processes in very different contexts, and why it is important to understand and analyze them. Even though this course is focused on tools and skills for process analytics, we will always work with specific cases and problems. Defining the right questions and problems is as important as knowing how to answer or solve them.

Which software or hardware do I need to follow the course?

For this course, we will use several programs. After enrollment, you will receive detailed instructions on how to get ready. Specifically, we will work with

  • GitHub, to share material and enable real-time collaboration
  • R and the bupaR packages

You can use any IDE that you are comfortable with to run R code. Nonetheless, the use of Rstudio is advised.

While there are no specific hardware requirements, we do advise a dual monitor setup to enable an easy combination of coding and communication. Of course, a stable internet connection is essential.

Can I follow (a selection of) individual modules?

No. The bupaR Masterclass consist of 10 modules which are interrelated and logically ordered. You can however opt for the Intermediate Track if you already have some experience with bupaR. In case you are interested in a course tailored to the specific needs of your organization or team, you can always contact us.

Do you provide special discounts for students?

Yes! Send us an email to prove you are currently enrolled as a student, and we will provide you a 50% discount.

Is your question still unanswered?

Don’t hesitate to contact us.