edeaR contains two types of functions: metric functions and filter functions. The metric functions allow to calculated a large range of log-based metrics to get insight into event logs. The filter functions allow to subset the event data in multiple flexible ways. A list of all the metrics and filters is provided below.


Function Description
activity_frequency Calculate frequencies of activities
activity_presence Calculate the presence of activities in cases
end_activities Calculate end activities of cases
idle_time Calculate the idle time of cases and resources
number_of_repetitions Calculate the number of repetitions of activities
number_of_selfloops Calculate the number of selfloops of activities
processing_time Calculate processing time
redo_repetitions_referral_matrix Calculate a redo referral matrix for repetitions
redo_selfloops_referral_matrix Calculate a redo referral matrix for selfloops
resource_frequency Calculate resource frequency
resource_involvement Calculate resource involvement
resource_specialization Calculate resource specialization
size_of_selfloops Calculate the size of selfloops
size_of_repetitions Calculate the size of repetitions
start_activities Calculate start activities of cases
throughput_time Calculate throughput time
trace_coverage Calculate trace coverage
trace_length Calculate trace length of cases
plot Plot descriptive metrics


Function Description
filter_activity Filter activities by name
filter_activity_frequency Filter activities based on frequency
filter_activity_presence Filter cases based on presence (absence) of activities
filter_attributes Filter events by specific attributes
filter_case Filter cases by id
filter_endpoints Filter cases on endpoints (both start en end)
filter_precedence Filter cases on precedence rules
filter_processing_time Filter on processing time
filter_resource Filter resources by name
filter_throughput_time Filter on throughput time
filter_time_period Filter on time period
filter_trace_frequency Filter of trace frequency
filter_trace_length Filter on trace length
filter_trim Trim cases between specified activities

Note that each filter has an equivalent function using an interface, which can be called by adding the letter i before the functionname.


Check here for more information.